Cleaning care

You ride a legend and it deserves respect. Household products and automotive materials can damage your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.

Our Genuine Surface Care products are:

  • Tested extensively and certified by our engineers to give optimum results for bodywork, frames, chrome and polished aluminum, windshields, tires and engine surfaces
  • Compatible with all Genuine Harley® Surface Care products
  • Compatible with specific surfaces
  • Perfect for bringing out your bike's shining glory



  • Before applying any protective or cosmetic product, you should always start off by washing your motorcycle with Sunwash Bike Soap. 
  • Don't detail your bike in the direct light of the day. Sun-warmed clearcoat and hot surfaces ay streak and swirl when drying. 
  • To soften melted-on boot marks and tar from exhaust pipes, apply Boot Mark remover and let it set for a few minutes. Then scrape away gunk with Soft Cloth. 
  • The natural acid in bug splatter is damaging to surface finishes, so be sure to act quickly. Apply Bug Remover, wait a minute to soften the residue, and rinse away the debris. 
  • To remove adhesives, tar, tree sap and pollutants, dab on Glaze Poly Sealant, wait , then wipe it clean with a Soft Cloth. 
  • Is your leather looking dull? Black Leather Rejuvenator's pigmented formula restores the luster, and Leather Protectant weatherproofs the surfaces.
  • Whitewalls a little dirty? Apply Harley® Wheel & Tire Cleaner with the Soft Detailing Pad to make them gleam. 
  • To revive dull seats, inner fairings and plastic surfaces, mist on Trim Cleaner and wipe away the dust and grime. 
  • To protect plastic, painted and chrome-plated surfaces, apply Glaze Poly Sealant. This cream combats fading and oxidation, and its ultrafine leveling agent removes minor blemishes. 
  • Don't have time for a complete detailing session? Use Harley® Gloss or Harley Spray Cleaner & Polish for quick jobs between applications of Glaze Poly Sealant. 

Quick Wash

Fast and easy to use, Quick Wash is tough on dirt, oil and bugs, but gentle on other surfaces. This all-over bike cleaner is safe for use on all surfaces  of your motorcycle and does not strip wax, corrode fasteners or spokes or stain leather and vinyl seats and saddlebags. Just spray it on and hose it off. Quick Wash gets into hard-to-reach spaces and cleans without scrubbing. Sheeting action rinses clean and prevents spotting.

Sunwash Bike Soap

This revolutionary cleaner lets riders wash their bikes where they want to – in the sun. Most bike wash products can be used only on cool days or in the shade. Sunwash  Bike Soap has a unique sheeting action that prevents hard water spots, and rinses clean even on hot days in the sun. Safe for use on all vehicle surfaces including denim paint.

Spray Cleaner & Polish

Keep your bike clean, even when you are away from home. Aerosol waterless quick cleaner/detailer is the perfect choice when the motorcycle is too clean to wash but too dirty to ride. Safe for use on metal, painted, plastic and windshield surfaces, this cleaning spray dissolves road grime and bugs for quick and easy cleaning and detailing. The spray floats dirt off the motorcycle, reduces static attraction to dust and leaves the surface with a great shine and UV protection.

Bug Remover

Remove bugs with little effort. Bugs have natural acids in their systems that can prove to be very damaging to motorcycle finishes if not removed. Bug Remover melts away bugs and is safe for use on metal, painted and plastic surfaces, including H-D  windshields.

Wheel & Tire Cleaner

The road provides plenty of nasty elements that can be potentially damaging to the finish of motorcycle wheels. Wheel & Tire Cleaner safely removes brake dust and road grime from wheels, tires and whitewalls in seconds. Also recommended for cleaning Harley-Davidson black-coated exhaust pipes and mufflers.

Denim Paint Cleaner

Specially formulated for denim paint, this handy quick detailer cleans and protects the silky matte finish. Cleaner won’t streak or leave residue. Just spray and gently wipe away oils, fingerprints and dust. Compatible with all surfaces on Harley-Davidson motorcycles, this formula cleans without buffing, so you can avoid “polishing” the denim surface. Heavily soiled surfaces should be washed with Sunwash Bike Soap and water before application.

Seat, Saddle & Shine

The perfect quick detailer for vinyl, leather and plastic surfaces, this one-step treatment cleans and refreshes without leaving a greasy residue. Just mist on and wipe away the accumulated dust and grime that dulls the finish. Ideal for use on inner fairings, dash panels, seats and saddlebags, this spray cleaner dries to a healthy satin shine and contains no waxes or other solvents that can dull the surface of vinyl and plastic.

Chrome Clean & Shine

Professional strength nonabrasive cleaner is formulated to ensure maximum shine on chrome-plated surfaces. The detergent-resistant formula is easy to apply and can be buffed to a bright, long-lasting finish. Can also be used to clean decorative brushed aluminum, brass and stainless steel surfaces.

Gloss Detailer

This easy-to-apply mist produces the highest possible gloss finish in the shortest amount of time. Formulated to enhance luster and provide UV protection between waxes, this nonabrasive quick detailer can be applied to paint, clear coat, chrome, powder coat, windshields, vinyl and plastic. Gloss Detailer contains no waxes, silicones, oils or hydrocarbon solvents and will not remove Glaze™ Poly Sealant. 

Scratch & Swirl Repair

Formulated to remove fine scratches and swirl marks from gloss paint, this unique compound contains nonrigid abrasives that provide good initial levelling action on clear coat and become less aggressive while being buffed. This staging of grit size provides the benefits of a several-step process in one convenient bottle and leaves your clear coat with a new bike shine. 

Engine Brightener

Make your engine look new again. Engine Brightener refreshes and rejuvenates tired wrinkle black finishes on engine cases, cylinder fins, covers or anywhere else the color has faded or lost its luster. Formulated with high-temperature silicon polymer, this detergent-resistant finish restorer cleans deep into the wrinkle black surface and “moisturizes” the finish to return the original satin sheen. Just spray it on, let it soak in and wipe away for a fresh look.

Black Inner Fairing Rejuvenator

Great for sun-rich environments, this Inner Fairing Rejuvenator brings back the deep black color on faded Original Equipment satin-black inner fairing surfaces. Just wipe on and buff off. An occasional application restores the luxurious matte finish and provides added UV protection. Can also be used on rubber and other black plastic components.

Glaze Poly Sealant

Three products in one bottle. A durable, breathable, clear poly sealant with UV protection that protects against fading and the oxidizing effects of acid rain and harsh airborne pollutants. An ultrafine leveling agent that removes fine scratches and minor blemishes in clear coat finishes. And a cleaner tough enough to handle tar, tree sap, stains and pollutants. Glaze Poly Sealant is easy to apply and hand buff for a deep, reflective finish. For use on all chrome-plated and gloss painted surfaces. Can also be used to slow the natural aging process of Brass Collection components. Not for use on brake discs or denim, semi-gloss or wrinkle-finish surfaces.

Black Leather Rejuvenator

Black Leather Rejuvenator puts new life back into faded black leather seats and saddlebags. To re-color and condition weathered leather, just clean the surface and apply the treatment with a Disposable Detailing Soft Cloth. Wipe off the excess, buff the leather surfaces to the desired shine, and your leather looks like new. For lasting weather protection, follow the application with H-D Leather Protectant.

Leather Protectant

Leather Protectant offers the most effective weatherproofing and preservative action for leather saddlebags, tank panels, gear and apparel. Specially formulated for smooth, oil-tanned leather.

Bare Metal Polish

Professional strength micro-abrasive polish is formulated to remove oxidation and refurbish metal motorcycle parts that have lost their original finish. Recommended for use on polished aluminum or polished stainless steel surfaces that are not clear coated. Can also be used to polish Brass Collection components to a bright finish. Not for use on painted, chromed or plated surfaces or decorative brushed aluminum or stainless steel finishes.

Only Genuine Harley-Davidson® Surface Care products are specifically formulated to complement each other and safely treat your bike. If you want to keep your bike looking like new, only use our products. Whether you want to clean, polish, protect or detail your bike, our products have been tested extensively and certified by our engineers.

Drop in store today to see our full range of Surface Care products. Your Harley® deserves it.