Know Your Harley-Davidson

How-To: Transport Mode

Learn how to put your Harley-Davidson into transport mode when transporting your motorcycle to events or shows. This feature puts the the motion detector on hold to ensure the motorcycle battery does not drain during transport.

How-To: 2018 & 2019 Softail Rear Suspension Settings & Adjustments.

Lean about the different Softail suspension adjustment methods and how to adjust each for maximum performance and experience leveraging the owner’s manual to guide the customer.

How-To: Prepare Your Motorcycle for Riding After Storage

This video has Chuck walk customers through the necessary items they need to check when taking their motorcycle out of storage and preparing to ride. This overview is designed to direct customers to the items they need to be aware of as well as where to find that important information to ensure they have a premium experience when riding.

How-To: Battery Care & Maintenance

Learn how to properly maintain your motorcycle battery so that it is ready to go. We talk about how battery tenders keep the battery fully charged when the motorcycle is parked and tips and advice to maintain your battery.

How-To: Wash Your Bike

See the right way to wash your motorcycle, using the right cleaning supplies for the surfaces on your bike so you look as good out on the road as you feel.

How-To: Brake Fluid Maintenance

Learn about the importance of changing your brake fluid to ensure you get the maximum benefit from brake operation.

2019 Boom! Box Infotainment 

The new Boom! Box GTS infotainment system for select Harley-Davidson Touring and Trike motorcycles offers the contemporary look, feel and function of the latest mobile devices and tablets.